This is a "PARK" similar to what will be designed for the Olympics

bergIT'S OFFICIAL!  Skateboarding  & BMX will be in the Olympics in Tokyo 2020

Skateboarding Street & Park and BMX Park will be INVITE only sports not provisional sports.

Disciplines are STREET & PARK for Skateboarding


Skateboard GOVERING BODY is FIRS and newly formed World Skate which is a merger of the ISF and FIRS 

BMX GOVERNING BODY is UCI and the IBMXFF will be working with them - we will post more details as we get them.

Update for SKATEBOARDING 03.23.2019

​​ A limited number of Wildcards will be announced before each SLS Tour Stop based on, but not limited to, a mixture of criteria including competitive results (inside and outside the WSR events), video submissions made to World Skate and SLS, host country citizenship, injuries, and/or a lack of an NGB in the country of origin. All potential Wildcards must be free of sanction, including but not limited to anti-doping, code of conduct, criminal activity, etc. A maximum of 3 skaters per country may participate as Wildcards. Inquiry for a Wildcard position at any event must be submitted a minimum of 60 days in advance of any event to

Street League will be the qualifiers for Tokyo

​Dates&Locations of the 2019 World Skate SLS Pro Tour are now available: 

Stop 1: LONDON May 23-26 
Stop 2: LOS ANGELES July (Date Tba) 
World Championships: MEXICO CITY September 18-22

All these stops will define the ranking of the Season #1 for the Street Skateboarding Qualification to Tokyo 2020

 There is no information yet for park series.

In the USA  The National Governing body is The United States Skateboarding Federation est 2005 and abandoned until April 2018. It was revived after receiving approval by the USOC. Gary Ream, Neal Hendrix and Joshua Friedberg are in charge but as of 2018 Neal Hendrix has been suspended by safesport. Don Bostick is VP. 

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Typical competition STREET course below, PARK course above

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