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Our dear friend Ram Koirala has been working for over a decade to develop skateboarding in Nepal. Since 2003 we have assisted Koirala in the development of the first skateboard shop in Nepal. 

​In April 2017 Make Life Skate Life, an incredible non-profit that makes community-built skateparks, built the first skatepark in Annapurna!

Nepal's skateboard community is growing quickly. Their fascination and involvement with skateboarding was the reason the park was built in just a decade after the introduction skateboarding. Nepal is a representation of how skateboarding is developing throughout the world. 

Our dear friend David Collado, the mayor of Santo Domingo, is working to implement a skatepark in a plaza currently under construction. We believe every skatepark should help grow a community, and we hope to help the mayor execute exactly this in Santo Domingo from the design to the grand opening. More more information on our effort in 

While in Bogota, Colombia during the Pan American Games qualifier, our team had the pleasure of meeting multiple South American skateboard teams many of which have scarce resources to keep training during a time when it is most important. Venezuela in particular is under heavily restricted conditions where the average citizen makes $9 a month. Since buying skate equipment is nearly impossible, our mission is to donate skate equipment to these skaters. 

Venezuela is an example of the international issues that poverty places on athletes training for events like the Olympics and Pan American games. Our mission is simple, to put a good skateboard under every skaters feet. 

Nepal​ and Make Life Skate Life 

Dominican Republic

Due to poverty stricken circumstances most children in Bangladesh are working by the age of 14. Substance abuse among child workers is prevalent as they are forced into stressful environments.

Bangladesh Street Kids Aid is an amazing organization working to enrich the lives of these child workers.

We are currently working with BWKA in developing educational programs that involves skateboarding among other curriculum as a resource for children to develop a sense of empowerment.    

Skatepark Association International has developed very close relationships with organizations throughout the world that we want to help in any way possible. We do everything we can to assist these organizations with their efforts and connect them with the rest of the international skateboarding network that we have organically grown over the past 25 years.  

We want to help our friends involved with skateboarding reach their goals of enriching communities and welfare internationally.


Our current projects to aid our international relationships are: